To Bring better resolution, we transform from PT. Apecmas Nusantara into PT. Apecmas Utama Indonesia.
In 1982, PT. Apecmas Nusantara was unofficially established by Mr. Zion Pangestu Tjandra with the intention of promoting and forming a sales network to promote Mitsubishi sheet feed presses in Indonesia.
Officially Registered on 30 November 1989, PT Apecmas Nusantara established positions as one of the most countable players in Indonesia printing world. The Indonesia Company has grown many folds, for the last two decades and the printing industry benefited from it year by year.
By 1995 PT. Apecmas Nusantara expanded the business to Medan and Surabaya with full technical backup services. PT. Apecmas Nusantara has satisfied much broader base of customers as a leading provider of post press, press and finishing machine. More than two decades of experiences keep us at the forefront of our fields.
We came a long way by integrating each company management and technical expertise and enhancing competitiveness in the domestic market. We had installed over 200 Mitubishi presses, and it gives PT. Apecmas Nusantara unprecedented insight into achieving customer satisharry potter essay topics orderbrides.orgfaction. PT. Apecmas Nusantara committed to providing the best services to our customers and business associates.