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Product Details

FlexProof is EskoArtwork’s answer to the growing digital proofing requirements of the packaging industry. This proofing solution with its open architecture fits into every workflow. FlexProof drives a wide variety of proofing units and brings the very best out of them. FlexProof provides calibration and centralized color management control, based on Esko’s highly acclaimed Kaleidoscope color technology.

It is the perfect solution to track possible mistakes at the earliest in the workflow. FlexProof maximizes prepress productivity, quality and consistency by using the same file for the proof as for the final films or plates. In combination with FlexRip, FlexProof ensures complete consistency to all the output devices for film, plate or proof, as FlexRip and FlexProof are based on the same EskoArtwork RIP technology.

EskoArtwork proofing is powered by Kaleidoscope, a powerful profiling and color engine that specializes in CMYK accuracy and spot color management. Kaleidoscope makes it easy to match your CMYK press target and finally takes the guesswork out of spot solids, spot color gradations and spot colors overprints. If your concern is to hit the brand color or get the right image color every time, FlexProof is the right product for you.