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Product Details

Imaging Engine is the RIP that provides consistent, high performance, top quality output across all types of imaging and print devices, both conventional and digital. Automation Engine integrates seamlessly with any existing infrastructure, accepting a wide range of desktop publishing formats, supporting RIPs or file servers and all industry standards such as PDF, XML, XMP, SQL queries and JDF/JMF communication.

Automation Engine takes the errors out of the process by allowing users to preset repetitive tasks and make automated decisions within the workflow. When operator interaction is required to ensure quality, the comprehensive checkpoint in the workflow allows for easy access. In addition, interfaces between order administrative systems (MIS or ERP) and prepress production further reduce the manual interaction.

The Viewer handles all common prepress formats, images and RIP data. Check separations, trim and media sizes, compare differences between design files and production files, or check if all corrections have been applied. Compare between the production file and RIPped data. Automated compare tools are available in the workflow for comparison of larger batches of files.