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Product Details

With PantoneLIVE (by X-Rite Pantone), the digital brand color lives in a secure, centralized cloud where it’s accessible to brand owners, designers, production people, anyone and everyone in the supply chain, anywhere around the globe. Suite 12 fully supports PantoneLIVE. Color Engine accesses the PantoneLIVE database and downloads the selected spectral spot color profiles which are then used throughout the entire workflow.

PantoneLIVE delivers an end-to-end solution that, for the first time, addresses the needs and requirements of every single discipline within the packaging supply chain. This means that the brand manager will see an accurate representation of on-press color early in the design process, while converters can be assured of first-time-right color proofing and easy-to-match color on press.

Esko’s Color Engine, the central colour database to manage colour and device profiles, is the enabling technology to support the PantoneLIVE color management process across the prepress packaging workflow. The combination of PantoneLIVE spot colour profiles with Esko’s unique and patented spectral ink model provides absolute accuracy and predictability for spot colour simulation.