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Studio is a collection of tools that adds the 3rd dimension and holistic approach to your packaging design. Studio Designer illustrates Esko’s holistic vision on packaging prepress: rather than merely showing the individual items of a packaging project, each component can be previewed in 3D either separately or ‘in context’. This enables faster, more efficient and more accurate packaging design. And it happens all inside Adobe® Illustrator®. Create folded structures for Designer or Visualizer. Toolkit for Boxes is a plug-in for Adobe® Illustrator® to clean up die-drawings and fold them into a 3D shape. See your artwork on the box in 3D, find and correct mistakes and produce interactive 3D PDFs or TIFF pack shots.

If you have the native file from the die makers’ CAD system, then you can work right away in 3D. If you only have a flat die-drawing, then Studio will help you to fold it. Studio has the perfect tools for detecting and removing double lines and closing small gaps. With the intuitive folding tool you give your carton or corrugated structure its 3D shape. You can also change the board type and thickness. Whether you work with Illustrator, ArtPro or PackEdge, in the Studio window you see your package and spin it around as if you were holding it in your hand. Make a change to the artwork and see immediately how it looks on the box. The Studio window also acts as a navigator: just double-click on a panel to zoom in on the artwork.

Folding carton or corrugated packaging can be tough. There are many panels, some of them have odd orientations and it’s hard to imagine how it folds and fits together. Studio works particularly well with boxes. It has technology from ArtiosCAD, the preferred choice of the professional structural designer, and several clever artwork tools to handle the complexity of panels. Tired of editing text sideways or upside down? Studio can automatically rotate the canvas so that you always work in a convenient orientation.