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Studio Toolkit adds easy-touse structural design tools to Adobe Illustrator. Studio Toolkit helps you create basic folding carton and corrugated box designs, primary containers (bottles, cans, jars…) with labels and all flexible packaging designs including shrink sleeves. These CAD structures provide an instantaneous 3D virtual mockup of graphics and structure. With this toolkit, designers can take an existing technical drawing and fold it into a 3D representation of a box. Whether you’re designing artwork for a cereal box, a corrugated display or a flexible chocolate wrapper, Studio adds the same intelligent design features to Illustrator.

In the Studio window you can see and spin it around as if you were holding it in your hand. Make a change to the artwork and immediately see how it looks on the package. The Studio window also acts as a navigator: just double-click on a panel to zoom in on the artwork. In the flat artwork the panels often have a different orientation. This can be confusing and lead to more mistakes. Tired of editing text sideways or upside down? Studio can automatically rotate the Illustrator® canvas so that you can always work in a convenient orientation. When several flaps make up one face, the clever Distribute feature creates copies of artwork to make it appear continuous across the panels.

Use “distribute” on flexible packaging to make the perfect back match. You don’t need to be a mathematician anymore to make clever designs. The Illustrator® guides can help you align artwork on a page, Studio’s 3D Guides help you to align artwork across your package in 3D. This is only possible because Studio understands the packaging shape. To get a flexible packaging shape, all you have to do is pick the right type of package and fill in the settings from the filling machine. You instantly get a nice packaging shape and the keylines to align the artwork to. Studio Toolkit for Flexibles is so time-effective because it has filling machine and substrate knowledge already built in