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Product Details

Digital Flexibility for Labels and Packaging

Flexible Packaging, PS Labels, most “special” substrates, most complex coupon labels, multiprocess. Full Servo technology and BOBST Digital Automation make flexibility “easy” and digitally assisted. BOBST quality and reliability at its best, M3 delivers total “digital” flexibility. To be exclusive, profitable and grow in multiple markets, with the next generation of presses for the Labels and Packaging industry.

  • User-friendly drop-in technology (BOBST Ready) for fast interchangeability of flexo, screen and hot foil
  • Driven Chilled Drums and accurate temperature control for perfect web transportation
  • Full Servo Drive for wide flexibility on unsupported substrates, multiple webs etc.
  • Digital Flexo and DigiGap for digitally automated print and die-cutting pressure control the shortest “digital” set up time and waste digitally assisted, consistent quality during production
  • Metronome high-speed semi-rotary die-cutting to reduce cost of flexible dies
  • ExcelCut and ExcelDie for automated exchange of flexible dies and magnetic cylinders
  • SnowBall and Bambi exclusive technologies for “high speed” waste matrix rewinding
  • Exceptional stability of quality during the years.

M3: Digital Automation for controlled quality, high profits and wide flexibility in Labels and Packaging.